Alliance achieves lighting up for LGBT Awareness Week

Alliance achieves lighting up for LGBT Awareness Week

I was pleased to introduce the proposal that the Ards Town Hall be lit up in Rainbow colours to mark the start of LGBT Awareness Week in 2019 – and every year from then on.

With support from around the Chamber – including two DUP Councillors – my Alliance colleague Cllr Karen Douglas and I, argued that the request for the lighting up which came from the Rainbow Coalition, should be supported.

A counter proposal from DUP Councillors that the Ards Town Hall should be lit in Pink as an alternative was defeated.

This achievement is all the more important as a similar one which I – along with my colleague Andrew Muir – had introduced in September had been defeated.

And while the counter-proposal to light the Town Hall in Pink was insensitive, we must acknowledge and take heart in the fact that the Councillors who brought it were arguing about the colour, and not that it was being scheduled to promote the launch of LGBT Awareness Week.

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