Ballychrochan and Deanfield to enjoy high-speed broadband – finally

Ballychrochan and Deanfield to enjoy high-speed broadband – finally

Gavin WalkerAlong with residents of the Ballychrochan Road area, Alliance Councillor Gavin Walker is celebrating BT’s commitment to upgrade the broadband connection they missed over two years ago.

BT upgraded the broadband service to Bangor over two years ago but for some reason or other managed to miss one cabinet on the Ballychrochan Road (Cabinet 75) which has left local residents unable to connect to fast broadband.

So while the rest of us have been enjoying fast downloads, services like iPlayer and Netflix and high powered games, residents and local businesses in this area have been fuming over slow broadband service,” Councillor Walker explained.

I contacted BT about this problem earlier in the year and have now received a commitment from them on behalf of all of the residents that the cabinet on Ballychrochan Road will be upgraded and that they will be be enjoying high-speed broadband before the end of March 2015.”

BT has agreed to contact all affected households once the work is completed.

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