How can you help create the future Borough we all want? Here’s how to get involved.

How can you help create the future Borough we all want? Here’s how to get involved.

Thank you for helping make the Alliance Group the second largest on our COuncil. We now need to work hard to deliver the BOrough we want, and I would like to invite you to be a part of my decision-making process.

By registering your interest here, I will regularly consult with you on various issues as they arise, and you will have a direct input into how our Borough develops over the coming four years. With a new Corporate Plan and the all-important Local Development Plan being created, your input is of paramount value.

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Thank you for your interest and help


Here is our Manifesto for this Council Term

For the past four years, your Alliance Party Councillors have been leading the progressive agenda on Ards and North Down Borough Council, now we can really make a difference – and you are invited to tell me what priorities you want me to have on the Council.

Alliance Local Government Manifesto

Alliance Party Group in Ards & North Down Borough Council

Leading change in your Community

In addition to our Manifesto Pledges, your Alliance Team will work to:

  • Leisure Opportunity Vouchers: Establish a scheme to provide every resident with opportunity to try one leisure opportunity within the Borough free of charge in order to encourage participation in fitness activity.
  • Best Kept Towns: Require Council to convene and facilitate Best Kept Town Action Groups where clear local interest exists in order to retain, regain or win Best Kept Town awards.
  • Dog Fouling: A reduction in dog fouling convictions by encouraging innovation in identifying and prosecuting irresponsible dog owners.
  • Making Recycling even easier: extend opening Hours for Household Recycling Centres, including Sunday opening.
  • Greenways: Support the introduction of new and upgrade Greenway network across the Borough, to facilitate active living and sustainable travel on the basis of sustained engagement with local residents and communities with full and genuine consideration given to all views and concerns expressed.
  • Public transport: Work constructively with the Department for Infrastructure, Translink and Council to achieve enhanced Park and Ride provision and associated Bus and Rail services.
  • Eradicating Paramilitarism: Take a proactive role in the tackling of paramilitarism through engaging with all relevant statutory bodies and community organisations as part of the Community Planning process, including a protocol for engagement, with a view to achieving the absence of active paramilitary groups in the Borough by 2025.
  • Cultural Expressions Scheme: Engage and consult with communities throughout our Borough to introduce of a new Cultural Expressions Scheme that better develops a shared and respectful society in which all identifies are respected, good practice positively recognised and incentivised, potentially harmful environmental impact of bonfires minimised and hate incidents eliminated.

Leading Change in your Economy

Your Alliance Team will work to:

  • Job Creation: Proactively engage with local businesses to ensure Ards and North Down is a business-friendly and supportive Borough and deliver the job creation agenda and targets set.
  • Keep it here strategy: Create a ‘Keep it Here’ strategy to encourage our young people who study and gain experience elsewhere to ultimately return to invest their knowledge and enthusiasm in our Borough.
  • Belfast Region City Deal: Work to deliver the Belfast Region City Deal, providing investment, jobs and growth including £64m for the Regeneration of Bangor Seafront, £5m for the development of Whitespots Country Park and significant funding to increase Skills, Training and Infrastructure.
  • Lands and Workspace: Seek to ensure provision of more lands for employment and workspace to ensure jobs are created closer to home.
  • Independent Review of our Town Centres: Require Council to undertake an Independent review of our Town Centres in conjunction with traders and other stakeholders with a view to making clear recommendations for action by 2020.

Leading change in your Council

Your Alliance Team will work to:

  • Consult and Engage: Require Council to be more effective in its engagement and consultation with residents and businesses by adopting a defined policy detailing specific commitments and ways the Council intends to listen and involve local people, with the permanent establishment of both a Youth Council and Pensioners Parliament for Ards and North Down.
  • Have your say in rate rises: Bring greater transparency and involvement with rates setting process, with proposed rates for the financial year to be published and public given an opportunity to comment before Council determines rate to strike for each year.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Transform our Council to become a role model in promoting and embracing inclusivity and diversity via an ambitious programme of events based upon a clear unambiguous statement of commitment towards creating a modern shared society.
  • Best Recycling Levels: Become the best Council in Northern Ireland with regards to recycling levels.
  • Climate Change: Ards and North Down Borough Council to act as a champion in relation to tackling Climate Change through becoming Carbon Neutral and promoting sustainable development throughout the Borough.
  • Plastic Free Council: Require Ards and North Down Borough Council to set a road map to becoming a plastic-free Council.
  • Enhancing participation in public life: Establish a programme of activity to enhance the participation in the public life of young people, women, ethnic minorities and people with a disability with a view to increase the likelihood of higher levels of representation on Ards and North Down Borough Council at 2023 election.
  • Inclusive workplace for LGBT staff: Require the Council to become a Stonewall Diversity Champion, the employers’ programme for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace.

Gavin Walker