Gavin welcomes brilliant campaign to encourage voting in the local government elections

Gavin welcomes brilliant campaign to encourage voting in the local government elections

Gavin has welcomed a new campaign to explain the vital role of our 11 councils and to encourage people to vote in the local government elections on Thursday 2 May.

“With the Brexit mess and the lack of progress from the DUP and Sinn Fein in Stormont, I completely understand that people are disengaged from politics at the moment.” Gavin said. “So when I’m canvassing and people tell me they aren’t going to vote, I know where they’re coming from.

“But here’s the thing: whether or not you vote – somebody is going to get elected. And those somebodies are going to determine the future of our Borough for the next four years and beyond. So if you believe in progressive politics, one that embraces and encourages diversity and promotes transparency, then I would ask you to please invest ten minutes on May 2nd to make the difference for the next four years.”

Spearheaded by the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA), informative, short animation pieces focus on the real-life experiences of four individuals, why they believe that voting in the council elections is important and what they hope to see as a result of using their vote.

Among the participants sharing their views and experiences are the Founder and Director of ArtsEkta, Nisha Tandon OBE, a NOW Group participant, a young voter and a parent.

The campaign emphasises that voting is accessible for everyone who is eligible and addresses some barriers surrounding the voting process that might have previously discouraged people from exercising their right.

The local government elections, taking place on Thursday 2 May, are the first standalone council elections since 1993 and the first election to councils for a full term since the reform of local government in 2015.