Make the B511 from Groomsport Roundabout into our village a safe, 30mph road

| July 7, 2016 | Reply

ENTERING GROOMSPORTThe B511 from the Groomsport Roundabout into our village is a 30mph zone.

There is a 30mph sign at the roundabout, but no other ‘reminders’ after that.

As a result, many drivers pick up speed as they make their way along the road – and get even faster as they approach our village.

This puts other road users – as well as residents and visitors using the footpath – in danger.

This petition is asking TransportNI to consider either:

  1. Erecting additional 30mph signs between the roundabout and the village, or
  2. Providing an electronic speed indicator showing drivers the speed they are travelling at the gateway to the Village.


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