New litter bins to put seagulls in a flap

New litter bins to put seagulls in a flap

litter binsIf you walk around Groomsport many mornings from now during the summer, you will know that visitors are very good about putting their rubbish in our many litter bins.

Unfortunately, seagulls are just as good at taking it out again!

The mess (like the one in the picture below taken on Main St in Groomsport) is pretty bad. And with dog walkers able to use the bins for poo disposal, it’s going to get worse.

I asked the Council to source seagull-proof bins – and they have!

So this summer, Groomsport will be the first town/village in the Borough to have seagull-proof bins.

And if the trial proves successful, I will work with the Officers to see if we can get these sorts of bins in place along the coast where the same problems arise.

The bins have inward pushing flaps which allows us access, but keeps the pesky birds at bay!

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