Portavo Right of way Registration

Portavo Right of way Registration


Register your interest in helping to assert a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir

Portavo Right of Way

As you know, public access to Portavo Reservoir is now under threat thanks to the recent High Court decision against Northern Ireland Water. This which may result in the reservoir being taken into private hands and public access lost forever unless we assert the Portavo Right of Way.

My colleague Andrew Muir and I are encouraging the Council to assert a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir which would enshrine in law continued public access to the reservoir for us and generations to come.

This is a lengthy process which requires us to prove that the path around the reservoir has been in regular use as a Right of Way for some years.

We need your help to get over two hurdles to successfully assert a Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir:

  1. Convince some sceptical Councillors that this is a worthwhile campaign which the Council should support.
  2. Gather evidence that many, many people regularly walk the paths at Portavo Reservoir.

The only way to overcome both of these hurdles is for you, your family and friends to register your support now, today…below!

Over the coming months, the Council will need to show evidence of regular public use of the paths to and around the reservoir. So if you have been visiting the reservoir for some years – and are prepared to provide a statement to that fact if requested – then we need you to register your contact details  in the form below today, please.

We will pass on your contact details to the Officer who will be undertaking this task for them to contact you directly.

Please join us in this important campaign to assert a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir.

Thank you


Gavin Walker, Councillor, Ards & North Down Borough Council

e: gavinhwalker@gmail.com  t: 028 9147 2119

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