Portavo Right of Way Evidence Form

Download your Evidence Form from this page

Hello and welcome to our Campaign to create a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir.

You will find everything you need to help us create a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir, here.

Please download the form, complete it fully to the best of your knowledge, then return it to the Council Officer named here (remember this is an Evidence Form and you do need to be completely honest):

Should you experience any problems, please feel free to contact me directly by email.

Please remember that you will require to download both of these to complete your Evidence Form:

  1. Public Right of Way Evidence Form (.doc): Click here 
  2. Map of the Route (pdf): Click here

The Evidence Form is quite long, but don’t worry, it’s also quite easy to complete. You will need some information as follows:

Thank you for being involved.

Creating a Public Right of Way can be a lengthy process so don’t expect to hear about a lot happening soon. However, I will post information on this website and on my facebook page www.facebook.com/gavinwalkerni when I get it.

Finally, once you’ve downloaded your Evidence Form, could you please use the Social Media Icons below to let people know we need them to do the same!


Gavin Walker

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