Tackling speeding along the B511 into Groomsport

Tackling speeding along the B511 into Groomsport

For years we have been trying to solve the problem of drivers speeding through our village along the B511 and then onto Main Street.

Other Councillors and I have written countless times to TransportNI without success asking them to take some action .

As you know, the problem is that the 30MPH Zone begins at the roundabout and it is TransportNI policy NOT to place reminder signs (referred to as Repeater Signs) in 30MPH areas.

As a result by the time some drivers arrive into our village, they are travelling at 50+mph.

And while we have asked the PSNI to monitor the road, even at their best efforts they would only be able to do so on a very ad hoc basis.

The possible solution

It IS TransportNI policy to place Repeater Signs in 40MPH Zones.

So a possible solution would be to ask TransportNI to amend the speed limit from the roundabout to the entrance of the village to 40mph with a number of repeater signs in place. The 30MPH Zone would then begin around Islet Hill.

This solution could:

  1. Keep drivers to a maximum of 40MPH from the roundabout to the village, making both the road and the footpath safer places,
  2. Slow traffic coming into Groomsport when they are reminded that this is a 30MPH Zone as they enter the village.

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