Walker calls for support to assert Portavo Right of Way

Walker calls for support to assert Portavo Right of Way

Portavo Right of WayAlliance Councillor Gavin Walker has launched a campaign to to assert a Portavo Right of Way, urging local people to register their support to protect the treasured local asset.

The local councillor made the call after it was revealed access to the reservoir was under threat, after a recent High Court judgement instructed Northern Ireland Water to sell the property to an adjoining landowner.

Portavo a right of way

To register your support for the assertion of a Public Right of Way at Portavo Reservoir, please register here http://gavinwalker.info/portavo-right-of-way-registration/

“Ards and North Down Borough Council had agreed in principle to undertaking an economic appraisal of the reservoir with a view to purchasing it for public use,” Gavin explained. “However, that process was brought to a grinding halt when a local landowner claimed a right of first refusal and dragged NI Water to the High Court to fight the sale to Council.

“As a result of the judgement, NI Water are now offering the site for sale to the landowner who will have no legal obligation to retain public access.”

If successful, Councillor Walker’s campaign will assert a Portavo Right of Way enshrining in law continued public access to the for us and generations to come.

“The process of asserting a Public Right of Way is neither inexpensive nor speedy,” Councillor Walker explained. “And success will depend on great numbers of local people not only registering to support the campaign, but also being prepared to provide evidence that they have used the paths for some time.

“Our first hurdle will be to convince some Councillors that this is a project worthy of their support. Then we need to create a body of evidence to prove the case for granting a Public Right of Way at the reservoir

“So I would encourage everybody who knows, loves and uses Portavo Reservoir to register their support today. There isn’t a moment to lose.”

To register your support to assert a Portavo Right of Way, please register here http://gavinwalker.info/portavo-right-of-way-registration/

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