Weed-buster Campaign to launch May 8

Weed-buster Campaign to launch May 8

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I called TransportNI today (April 21) to investigate the possibility of replacing dangerously┬ábroken footpaths in Plantation Road only to be told that there was ‘no budget for that’.

The next question was to ask about removal of weeds that are gradually taking over the footpaths and are probably contributing to their breakup. Guess what – there’s no budget for that either!

Well, that’s not good enough. We have all received increased Rates Demands and there has to be some basic service offered in return.

So that’s why I am launching a Weed-Buster Campaign on May 8 to at least get our footpaths cleared of weeds so we, our children and our older residents can enjoy summer walks without having to go armed with a sythe!

Between now and May 8 I will be gathering as many pictures of weeds in footpaths as I can find – and i would like you to do the same.

Please send me your weed-filled pictures with a note of where the picture was taken and I’ll add them to the TransportNI Gallery of Shame. All pictures to gavinhwalker@gmail.com

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