Why I’ve put my hand up for the beach

Why I’ve put my hand up for the beach

I was pleased to support a suggestion from Tom Smith that Groomsport residents be consulted on the possibility of our beach becoming an ‘Inclusive Beach’. This means that some work will be carried out to create easy access for people of all abilities.


At this point no decisions have been made on any improvements which would be required to allow less-able residents and visitors to gain easy access to the beach.

However, we have been promised that over the coming months Council will be undertaking a public consultation with residents so that we all have a say in the final arrangements.

Possible considerations may be:

  • Would you be happy to have additional
    disabled car parking spaces at the Harbour?
  • Would you be happy to have the ‘slipways’ to
    the beaches improved to make it easier for
    wheelchair & rollator users to access the beach?

The Council is working on this project with the Mae Murray Foundation. You can find out more about their fantastic work and their ‘Hands Up for the Beach’ Campaign here www.maemurrayfoundation.org

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for us to make our beaches accessible to our older and less able residents and visitors.

I hope you do too and that together we can work to make our village even more welcoming and inclusive.

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